Agricultural Activities of ULCCS

For ULCCS, diversification is the road map to success. Despite owning verticals from construction to Information Technology, we make sure that our diversification strategies contribute to the growth of not only our firm but the society as a whole.

Our foray into agriculture sector is a classic example. The Society maintains agricultural farms at three places namely Thottumukkam (60 acres) near Mukkam, Neettukotta (40 acres) near Kuttiyadi and Thara (5 acres) near Moorad.

The sixty acres of land in Thottumukkam grows a variety of vegetables and fruits such as cloves, banana and mango. A small dairy farm is also maintained there. Scientifically speaking mixed farming is done there.

In Neettukotta, plantation crops are grown in 40 acres of land. Areca nuts, rubber, coconut, banana are the crops that are grown in the farm here.

The 5 acres of land in Thara raises vegetables and fruits. Livestock is also maintained there. The vegetables and fruits there include chilly, brinjal, lady’s finger, tomato, cauliflower, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, ash gourd, bottle gourd, broad beans, beans, capsicum, pumpkin, cabbage, cucumber, water melon, spinach, curry leaves, banana and mango.

It is necessary for each one of us to get nutrient rich pesticide free food. This is the aim behind maintaining these farms. The yield from these farms provides our workers in various sites with quality food. They are also sold among the members of the society at nominal price. Thottumukkam and Neetukott agriculture land is under the charge of Director P Prakasan and Iringal Thara land is under the charge Vice-Chairman V K Anandan