Kozhikode City Road Improvement Project (KCRIP) is one of the prominent works that has been entrusted with the Society. The project of the state government includes CCRIP (Cochin City Road Improvement Project) and TCRIP (Thiruvananthapuram City Road Improvement Project) along with KCRIP.

The project was awarded by the Kerala Road Fund Board (KRFB) for which the agreement was inked in June 2015. The project includes the renovation and maintenance (for 15 years) of six roads in the heart of the city. The expected time of completion of the project is two years. The total length of the roads extends to 22.16 kilometers and the project is worth Rs. 693 crores.

The tarring of the roads is done using bitumen macadam and bitumen concrete (BMBC) method. All the drainages on either side of the roads, footpaths and cable ducts to lay utility cables, as well as proper street light facilities are part of the renovation. These are done in a scientific manner using the expertise of knowledgeable engineers.
The roads include

Road from Stadium Junction to Puthiyara Junction
The road is 0.644 kms in length. 2 Lane carriageway, utility ducts and 2 m footpath and 0.5 m landscape will be built on both sides.

Road from Vellimaadkunnu Junction to Kovoor Junction
The 2.735 kms of road is being renovated, 2 Lane carriageway, RoW of 13 m and footpath of 1.5m will be paved on both sides.

Road from Pushpa Junction to Mankavu Junction

The renovation will be done along 2.45 kms in length. 2 Lane carriageway, RoW of 13 m and footpath of 1.5 m will be paved on both sides.

Gandhi Road – Mini By Pass and Kuniyilkavu – Mavoor Road Junction

3.435 Kms of road will be renovated with 2 lane carriage way and 13/10 m RoW and also a 1.5 m footpath on both sides.

Panathuthazham – CWRDM Road

8.459 Kms of road is renovated with a 2 Lane carriageway and 15 m of RoW and 1m unpaved footpath. Most of the work has been completed. 1.5m landscape on both sides is also included in the project.

Road from Karapparamba-Eranhipalam & Arayidathupalam-Kalluthan Kadavu

4.526 Kms of road is being renovated. 4 Lane carriageway and 1.5/2.5m footpath on both sides will be implemented.