Design and construction of Mukkam kadavu Bridge and Approach Road across Iruvazhinjipuzha on Mukkam-Koodaranji Road in Kozhikode

The ‘Y’ shaped Mukkamkadavu Bridge across Iruvazhinjipuzha attracts local tourists thanks to its picturesque surroundings.

The Mukkam-Kadavu bridge in Mukkom, Kozhikode was taken up by ULCCS in October 2012 and was open for transport by August 2015. Besides cutting short the distance from a number of places to Mukkam, the bridge made an impact on the tourism sector as well. The ‘Y’ shaped bridge, which ensures an easy connection for Koodaranji, Thekkumkutti, Karamoola, and Thiruvambadi to Mukkam, facilitates easy access to vehicles from the neighbouring district of Wayanad to places such as Karipur International Airport without touching Mukkam town.