Remeshan Paleri chosen for first Sanghashakthi award

Madappally: It is another golden feather to his hat. Remeshan Paleri, Chairman ULCCS Ltd, has been chosen for the first Sangha Shakthi Award organized by Baharain Keraleeya Samaajam. Minister of Public Works, Government of Kerala G. Sudhakaran, will hand over the award to Shri. Remeshan Paleri in Bahrain on 20 October.
The organizers of Bahrain Keraleeya Samaajam opined that Paleri Remeshan is a person who has written his own tales of success in the Co-operative sector through Uralungal Labour Contract Co-operative Society. “His experiments in the field have all been a success and it is our pride to choose him for the prime Sangha Shakthi puraskkaram.” They added.
Mr. Remeshan took over as chairman of the group in 1995, at the age of 35. As chairman, Mr. Remeshan has taken the ULCCS group to higher ambits. His wise moves played the key role for the society to overcome many crises. As an empathetic leader, he had a foresight for the revamping society and moved accordingly. He was the driving force behind the growth of the society to the infrastructure giants in the state, with ample space in all the relevant sectors of the day, including IT and Education.
He has also been chosen for other prestigious awards including, Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana award in 2005,Co-operative Excellence Award-2008 by the National Co-operative Development Corporation, New Delhi, “Karma Rathna Puraskar 2008” awarded by Indo-Arab Confederation Council.. Kerala Koumudi Award for “Vyakathi Mudra in service”, Raamaashramam Uneerikutty Award, Arangil Sreedharan Award etc.