TK Kishor Kumar elected as NLCF Director

New Delhi: Chief Project Coordinator of ULCCS Ltd., Shri TK Kishor Kumar was elected as the Director of National Labour Coopertive Federation. ULCCS representative at NLCF Kishor Kumar who is also a resident of Kozhikode won the national level election held here on July 12, 2019 by securing maximum number of votes. He is the only representative from south India to be selected into the Board of Directors. “The nomination of Kishor Kumar into national level cooperative movement like this is a token of appreciation for all the valuable efforts by Cooperative societies in Kerala as a whole and the Uranlungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society in specific” stated Shri. Rameshan Paleri, Chairman ULCCS Ltd.
National Labour Cooperatives Federation of India Ltd (NLCF) is an apex organization of Indian Labour Cooperative Movement established in the year 1981, working under the aegis of Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.