Rameshan Paleri is the chairman of Uralungal Labour Contract Co-operative Society Ltd, one of the largest Co-operative Societies in Asia. The Society is in the forefront of infrastructure development all over Kerala and has recently stepped into other areas like IT, facility management and tourism. Rameshan chairs the board of all the subsidiaries of ULCCS namely UL Cyber Park, UL Technology Solutions and ULCCS Foundation. Sargaalaya Kerala Arts and Crafts Village is also a unit managed by the Society.

Mr.Rameshan Paleri

Chairman, ULCCS Ltd

Business Record

Rameshan joined ULCCS Ltd as an overseer in the year 1984. He became chairman in 1995, when he was just 35. That was a time when the Society was going through a hard period of financial crisis. It was a herculean task to overcome the competition from private players. He took steps that not only helped the Society to overcome the grim situation, but also gave the confidence to take up huge projects worth crores of rupees.

The most important aspect of his strategy was his emphasis on quality and honesty. Rameshan insisted that maintaining excellent quality was the only way to gain the client’s trust. Quality should never be compromised for profit. He also cultivated a culture of meritocracy and accountability, taking strict action in cases of unethical or irresponsible Behaviour, irrespective of the rank of the individual.

ULCCS has been very open to embracing technology and modernization. Under Rameshan’s leadership, the Society acquired state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. Rameshan follows agile principles in project management and monitoring. He established a culture of meticulous planning and frequent reviews to ensure that all projects are running on schedule. Besides these, he implemented ISO 9001:2008 quality management system at ULCCS.

He had a key role to play in the Society’s diversification efforts. He is the master brain behind the Rs 600 crore UL Cyberpark, the first IT SEZ in Malabar. UL Cyberpark is also a testament to his grit and determination. When he announced the plan to build an IT park, Rameshan faced criticism from various quarters. Today, his foresight has been proved true and UL Cyberpark has transformed Kozhikode into an increasingly prominent IT destination.

The Humanitarian

Since the origin of the Society, social commitment was a matter of utmost importance. Rameshan gave more structure and focus to such activities by forming ULCCS Foundation which is actively involved in education for poor, bright students and vocational training for the mentally challenged.

Changing the face of ULCCS

Rameshan was the driving force behind the growth of the Society into an infrastructure giant with diversified operations. The director board under his able leadership was able to brand ‘Uralungal Model’ of work, which gained a unique repute in completing the projects undertaken, within the time and cost limits. The Society was able to uplift several thousand families to the main stream of the nation by giving them better employment opportunity and enabling them to improve their living status. Under Rameshan’s stewardship, the Society now has a positive graph, with a powerful workforce.

Key positions held

  • Member in National Advisory Council on Labour Co-operatives (NACLC) chaired by Sri. Radha Mohan Singh Honorable Union Minister for Agriculture.
  • Director of National Labour Contract Co-Operative Federation, New Delhi.
  • Committee Member on studying the performance of Labour co-operatives in Kerala, formed by the Government of Kerala.
  • Management Committee Member of Calicut Management Association affiliated to Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIMK).
  • Management Committee Member in Vaghbhadanantha Trust, Kozhikode.
  • Director of Calicut District Co-Operative Hospital Society Ltd, Kozhikode.

A selective list of recognitions

  • Co-operative Excellence Award 2008 by the National Co-operative Development Corporation, New Delhi
  • Sahakarana Keerthi Puraskaram 2011
  • “Karma Rathna Puraskar 2008” awarded by Indo-Arab Confederation Council
  • Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana award in 2005.
  • Award from Kerala Samskarika Parishath for Social Commitments towards the Community.
  • Ramasramam Uneerikutty Award 2016 for outstanding contribution to Construction Industry.
  • JCI award for Remarkable Achievement in management Field, Kozhikode
  • Kerala Koumudi Award for “Vyakathi Mudra in service”

Personal details

Mr. Rameshan was born to Mr. Kanaran P and Mrs. Narayani P, at Madappally near Vatakara, Kozhikode. He is married to Shobha and has two children Remin and Ashwin. He is a graduate in Civil Engineering draftsmanship.