Being Asia’s largest Labour Contract Co-operative Society, what we have to share is the rags to riches story of thousands of people from the rural walks of Vatakara. We learned from the work culture laid down by our ancestors. Since its time of origin, Society has got the culture of taking up projects not only for monetary benefits but by considering the needs of common men. With this in mind, along with the projects of huge bridges, buildings and by-pass roads the society also undertakes small projects of rural roads.

ULCCS takes up hundreds of rural road works every year. These include roads in and around Vatakara, Kozhikode and Payyoli region. These works are of roads just 500m to a maximum of 2.5 Kms in length. The works include road metalling and tarring, re-tarring or approach road making or simply road improvement works. According to the statistics from 2010, the society takes up an average of 107 rural road works in a year. There is an increase in the number of such works taken each year.

The works are mostly awarded directly by the village Panchayats. Some such works also come under Pradan Manthri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) some from block panchayats and Local Self Government Department (LSGD). The panchayats namely Chrode, Onchiyam, Eramala, Azhiyoor, Kunnummal, Maniyur, Moodadi, Arikkulam, Maruthonkara, Valliapilly, Thiruvalloor, Chengottukkavu are the panchayats that benefit from this. Apart from these Chemmanchery, Unnikulam, Edacherry, Purameri,

The long journey of the society since 92 years has brought much recognition to it in various aspects. Apart from these recognitions ULCCS has laid a strong silent role in the overall development of these regions. The highly hectic schedule of the present era demands fast transport and communication. Amidst of the nation development programmes initiated, the remote region of the society has to be taken care of. With sufficient resources including man power, it is easy for an organization like ours to bring in changes to the society by extending a hand of help.