Agricultural Activities of ULCCS

It gives them the courage to withstand all odds. No words would be enough to describe the birth of this noble initiative. When 14 of them joined together in 1924 to form the society, 11 of them were day laborers working on near-empty stomachs. A contract labourer, farmer and a trader filled in the remaining profiles. They were hell-bent on building the co-operative society of daily wage laborers and eventually it happened. The self-determination of Vagbhatnanda disciples battered down all obstacles and on Feb 25, 1925 their dream turned into reality. The co-operative society was officially registered. The founders even in their wildest dreams would not have expected the society to grow into the largest of its kind in Asia. Perseverance of the highest level, strength of unity and long term strategic planning are the cornerstones of their credentials for decades and the saga invariably continues even today.