Our birth was inevitable in the mid 1920s. Unrelenting social commitment led us forward.
And today we are a huge family that can easily match the wares of the biggest co-operative societies in the world.
Keep your ears close to our heart, you can hear the music of co-operation that drives our workforce to function like a well-oiled machine.

Social commitment was the lynchpin on which this humble journey prospered to script a saga of success, ever since its formation in 1925.

Yes, we inspired the real labour revolution and a radical change ensued as laborers gradually transformed themselves into owners. The Uralungal Labour Contract Society Ltd has encountered innumerable number of challenges and obstacles over the years to become one of the foremost co-operative societies in the world.

Open your eyes and observe, you can see a work culture that relies on the virtues of timekeeping, quality and honesty. For us, the aim is to build a new world at a faster pace.

Join our family and feel the vigour of working with a whole new crop of genuine professionals.

At this juncture, it is important to understand the history, culture and heritage of the Uralungal Labour Contract Society. We now share with you our vibrant updates and promising future. Welcome all to the world of co-operation.

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